Why B said no to the Depo!


Like most females in the UK and around the world hormonal contraceptive was something in which I had been on since leaving school. It is something that I feel is forced upon teenagers by doctors; sold as this wonder pill that can have all sorts of benefits when really it is doing more harm then good.

All around us you see advertisements and campaigns to get fit and healthy so why do we feel the need to fill our bodies with synthetic hormones that stop our body doing what it was made to do, isn’t that also unhealthy?

I was around 17 when I first started taking the pill, the doctor prescribed it to me for my heavy periods; me, I thought it was this wonder drug that meant I could control my menstrual cycle in ways that were so unnatural that deep down I had no idea what affects it would truly have on me in years to come.

After taking the pill for 4 years at 21 my cycle was still painful so as a resort the doctor suggested I took the pill back to back; this meant I took the pill 3 months in a row and had a break for 1 week at the end of it, therefore only having 3-4 periods a year. This went on for so long I finally got convinced at 24 years old to give the Depo-Provera contraceptive injection ago, I realise now this was the biggest mistake of my life.

I made the decision 9 months ago (April 2016) that hormonal birth control as a whole wasn’t for me, I feel it has been the reason for a lot of my health issues in which I am struggling through at the moment. I felt so fit and healthy beforehand but now I do not feel myself anymore. I have gained nearly 5 stone whilst been on the injection; 9 months after giving it up I still haven’t lost a lb and struggling to lose the weight. My periods came back around 6 months after the injection, they have been regular to begin with but now slightly more irregular again. I became so lethargic and run down whilst on the injection, this is something in which I am still struggling with but hoping as time goes on and my body starts to regulate itself more then some of the issues may resolve themselves.

I am currently seeing specialists regarding certain health issues in which I have faced over the past couple of years. I personally feel that hormonal birth control seriously isn’t worth the hassle. It may seem like this amazing tiny pill you take each day, you can have the sex life you want without the inconvenience of periods and without the worry of pregnancy but come on what contraception is truly 100% apart from abstinence. Be free with your menstrual cycle, embrace it and embrace your bodies natural way of working. It is so amazing to start learning about your true self and how fascinating it is to see how your body works in so many ways.

We want the best for our health, we try to eat healthy, we even do little things like going for regular hair cuts to make ourselves look and feel good, so why not do the same for our menstrual cycle and sexual health.

I said no to the Depo so lets spread the word so more women around the world say no too!

B x




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