Beginning of my weight loss journey!


Weight gain! The endless slog of dieting and tedious trips to the gym starring at the four walls and the buff bodies around you whilst you struggle to even last ten minutes on the treadmill, making you feel even worse about yourself.

My weight hasn’t always been a struggle; a couple of years ago, I was slim, healthy and always wanting to work out and be outdoors doing an activity of some sort. It has only been recently that even walking up the stairs can be a struggle and saying no when someone offers me that cake at work, that has where my downfall has been. I started to notice my weight creeping up on me when I was mid-way through having the Depo Provera contraception injection. I had been on the pill beforehand for many years, my weight increased slightly but not as much as it did when I went on the dreaded injection.

9 months ago, I decided to quit all hormonal birth control. It was a decision that was very easy for me, I wanted to become healthier and fit again. The only problem is 9 months on I am still not any slimmer and those stairs are more of a struggle now than ever before. I never thought I would get to a point in my life where just doing normal everyday things would have me out of breath and in agony.

I decided now is the time to change, I do not want to hit 30 and have health issues that I really should not be having at my age due to my weight. I jumped on the scales and 13st 7lbs is the damage; 5 stone heavier then what I was 2 years ago, I have crept up from a size 8-10 to a size 16-18.

So, what am I going to do about it?

For me I am really bad at sticking to diets and the gym, I find them so gruelling and hard to stick to that I give up before I have even begun. Here is what I am going to do my way to lose the weight I want.

  1. I am aiming to lose 4-5st within the next year. I do not want to lose weight quickly as this can be unhealthy for you so I am to lose 1-2lb a week.
  2. I am going to learn to say no more to myself. I need more willpower so I do not cave in every time someone brings cake or junk food into the office. Just because they eat it doesn’t mean I have to. Sometimes I eat just because it’s there and not because I actually want to.
  3. Get more active. This is something in which I have lacked the past few years. I am going to get out there, move around more and get fitter. The gym isn’t for me so going to give vigorous walking a go along with some home workout routines.
  4. Eat small but regular. My plan is to not eat three big meals a day but to break down my food to regular intervals throughout the day. That way I am eating small portion sizes but also eating regular will not make me feel as hungry or crave foods I shouldn’t be eating.
  5. Fasting. I have decided I am going to give fasting a go but do it my way. I am going to eat small and regular throughout the day but fast after 4pm four nights of the week. The weekends I am going to be a bit more lenient.

I hope you will follow me on this weight loss journey. Are there any of you reading this that are also going through your own weight loss journey? What tips would you give that have worked for you to make you become more fit and healthy?

B x


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