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A few months ago, I discovered and amazing company TOTM that make organic sanitary products, ever since I have not looked back.

For years before going on contraception I use to have the worst possible periods a girl could ask for. They were unbearable. I was always so heavy that tampons were something I never even dreamt about using so always stuck to the longest thickest pads the supermarket had to offer. There was also another little problem; itching!

During that time of the month I would itch like crazy, my thighs also use to get rashes and it was a nightmare to go anywhere. Back then I never imagined for one second it was down to my sanitary products. Once going on contraception my periods vanished and I went around 3 years not actually having a period up until recently when I made the decision that I actually missed my periods.

When Aunt Flo visited me for the first time in 3 years I straight away went back to the supermarket brands. Always, Bodyform even supermarket own brand pads, you name it I tried it; but still I was feeling so uncomfortable from having a constant itch I couldn’t bare it much longer.

I came across an advert on social media that showed two tampons in a glass of water. The first was a supermarket branded tampon and the other a TOTM tampon. It shocked me to see how the supermarket brand seemed to disintegrate slowly in the water, letting of bits of god knows what. The TOTM tampon on the other hand stayed intact the whole time. That is when it got me thinking about what am I actually using and is this the reason why I am having itching and rashes during that time of the month.

I headed straight to the TOTM website. Greeted by fresh images and easy to read information on the brand I decided that’s when I needed to make a change and go Organic.

I started my periods when I was 11 years old, so after many years of using cheap sanitary products it never once occurred to me to look at the ingredients of the products. Yes, that’s right; the ingredients. Sanitary product companies such as Always and Bodyform do not have to state on the packaging what ingredients they use in order to make a tampon or sanitary towel. So like most things how healthy were these products to actually use.

TOTM use 100% pure certified organic cotton, they do not use chlorine dioxide to bleach their products, no chemicals such as pesticides, chemical fertilisers, perfumes or dyes are used in their products and most of all they are hypoallergenic so even the most sensitive of people can use these amazing sanitary items.

I’ve been using these pads for around 6 months now; at first I was a bit weary of trying something new but 6 months on I am so glad I made the change. I have never worn something more comfortable, they are so comfortable and soft you almost forget it’s there. Also, my itch has completely gone. No more do I get the urge to scratch and no rashes are to be seen anywhere.

As my period is starting to come back a little more on the heavy side I use the night time pads throughout the day just for that little more protection against any leakages. The pads are amazing for the amount of blood they hold. I use around 3 pads a day and as they are made from cotton they are just like having underwear on.

110% I would recommend this company to every woman out there. We spend so much time into trying to look after our bodies, doesn’t our period deserve the same kind of treatment.

Go check out Time of the month at

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