9 months contraception free!


9 months ago I quit all hormonal birth control. At the time I was on the Depo-Provera contraception injection but after so many disadvantages I decided to bite the bullet and walk away from all things hormonally synthetic.

So 9 months on how am I feeling, not great to be honest there are up’s and down’s. Here are my top 5 things I have noticed 5 months on.

  1. Periods – My periods finally returned, it took 5 months but at the end of September I finally had my first period in years. The good thing is that they have pretty much gone back to a regular 28 day cycle and at the moment are extremely light and lasting only 4 days which I like a lot.
  2. Weight – I gained nearly 5 stone over the past 18 months, strangely most of my weight I gained towards the end of been on the injection and coming off the injection. I thought I would of seen a slight decrease in weight once stopping the injection but honestly I am finding it so hard to lose the weight at the moment.
  3. PMS – One thing I have noticed which is a real disadvantage is PMS. Every month a few days before I come on I have noticed I become extremely down and anxious. I become teary, not to mention the headaches, bloat and extreme food cravings which I have to try and keep under control. My first period I had back in September I never had the PMS but slowly I have noticed more and more each month I am becoming worse with it which is worrying.
  4. Skin – My skin has improved so much now I am off the Depo. Whilst I was on the injection I found my skin very all over the place and I would suffer breakouts on my face. Now my skin is so clear. I have the occasional spot and at the moment my face is dry but that is due to it been winter but I love how my skin feels at the moment.
  5. Sex drive – I have to say my sex drive has increased rapidly coming off the injection. When I was on contraception my sex drive really lacked and I had no interest what so ever in sex. Now I am free of contraception I feel I have this wild side that I never knew I had before, my libido has increased so much. The only thing that is making my sex life suffer is vaginal dryness, this is the only issue sex wise in which I have had since going on the injection.

Over all I am really glad I made the decision to come off all hormonal birth control. There are still a few health issues in which I am trying to get answers for at the moment; I personally feel the Depo-Provera was responsible for these problems but until then I am going to carry on with my health journey to the best I can. Have you decided to quit birth control, how is your journey contraceptive free, do you feel the right decision was made?

B x


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