Clubbercise! Whats the fuss all about?

Clubbercise; glow sticks, loud club music and a school assembly hall full of sweaty bodies in close proximity. What is the vibe for the new craze that is clubbercise?

There is no hiding the fact that I could do with a little bit of exercise here and there. When my Sister in law suggested going to clubbercise with her I was a bit dubious of the idea; club music isn’t really my cup of tea at the best of times, it’s something in which I really have to be in the mood for; alongside the fact I have as much rhythm as a cactus, what could possibly go wrong!

The dreaded evening arrived, I hadn’t planned at all so rushed home from work to dig out some gym gear I had tucked away at the back of my wardrobe somewhere. Size 10, Shit! Luckily for me most gym clothes are super stretchy so I just about managed to squeeze my size 16-18 self into these tiny leggings and top.

My local clubbercise is held at the local high school. I think many are held in similar venues, the classes are becoming so popular now that most areas have a class going somewhere and sometime during the week so relatively easy to find a class near you if you are interesting in joining. The lady who runs my local class has a Facebook page in which you have to register your place on the night beforehand. Due to the high amount of interest in which they get they are only allowed to limit so many places so work on a first come first in basis.

Signing up is really simple. Simply register online before you go, book your place and turn up on the evening. There is one leaflet to fill out with general details, you pay your £5 entry and £3 for your reusable battery operated glow sticks and away you go.

I must admit getting into clubbercise after the first session was really difficult for me. Not only am I extremely unfit at the moment and had to rush out half way through breathless and unfortunately having a case of joggers belly from all the movement I just couldn’t keep up. The lady taking your class is on a stage in front of you and you have to basically follow her routine. I found that most of the time I was trying to concentrate to much on what the hell she was doing that I couldn’t get to grips with it myself. If I was an onlooker watching me dance I would say I probably looked like a goldfish that had jumped out the water onto dry land.

That said it was my first ever session so forgive myself a little for not getting it straight away. Overall I did have a good laugh and boy it got me sweating and aching that’s for sure.

I have already booked in for next week so fingers crossed I will be able to keep up a bit better then. Little bit early to comment if I think clubbercise works in terms of weight loss, that one will have to be a work in progress for now.

B x



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