Bucket list!

Recently I’ve been thinking what do I want from life. What do I hope to achieve or do. Life is so short that we should cherish every single second we have this planet.

Here is the top 50 things in life I want to achieve , see or do-

1.       Own a Raven

2.       Learn woodcrafts

3.       Get a medal in Longbow archery

4.       Do a jousting experience day

5.       Buy my own house and land

6.       Join a Viking re-enactment group

7.       Go to the Eden project

8.       Horse ride western style 

9.       Take part in a race for charity

10.   Re-Trace my family tree

11.   Go to as many Pagan events as possible

12.   Reach my target weight of 9 stone

13.   Celebrate Halloween in America

14.   Learn to use my sewing machine

15.   See as many historical places of interest as possible

16.   Climb to the top of Snowdon

17.   Have a baby

18.   Do a sloth experience 

19.   Climb a mountain in Norway

20.   Do a raven experience 

21.   Go glamping at Warwick castle

22.   Do a wolf experience 

23.   Go to Stonehenge

24.  Learn leatherwork 

25.   See Elizabeth I tomb in Westminster Abbey

26.   Go in a hot air balloon

27.   Go to a masquerade ball

28.   Go to Edinburgh

29.   Get married and have a big outdoor pagan bash (maybe by the time I reach 30)

30.   Ride in a helicopter

31.   Open my own New age/book shop

32.   See the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux, Switzerland

33.   See the Lion King show in London – Saturday 15th April 2017

34.   Stay the night in Chillingham Castle

35.   Run naked and make love in the wilderness

36.   Buy a Saarloos Wolfdog puppy

37.   Get a Raven tattoo

38.   Stop in a glass igloo in Finland

39.   Visit Glastonbury town

40.   See Pink in concert

41.  Visit Istanbul

42.  Drive a vintage mustang

43.   Sleep in a treehouse with nature

44.   Meet Dawn French

45.   See the Book of Mormon in London 

46.  Visit Bali or Thailand

47.   Create my own pagan moot/retreat 

48.   Go to a festival (into the wild maybe)

49.   Enter something handmade into a county show

50.   Learn Yoga

There is so much more I could add to this list. Life is about seizing the day and having no regrets. We make our own paths in life it’s our choice if we decided to actually take them or not. Live life whilst you’re here because there certainly is no replay button. Come on this journey with me and let’s see what we discover.

B x


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