You know something is seriously wrong when you go to get up off the sofa and are out of breath in the process.
For a while now I have struggled with my breathing. Whether it’s walking or even just going up the stairs I lack breath. This makes exercising really difficult and losing those extra pounds twice as hard. 

I came across the powerbreath when researching tools that could help you to breath when exercising. The powerbreath is an Inspiratory muscle training device and has been proven to help people breath more easily within 4 weeks. You use the device twice daily and take in 30 breaths each time. There are a certain number of restriction settings depending on which device you buy; so if like me you need to start with a easy exercise you set the powerbreath to the lowest setting and work your way up as you improve.

Today is my first go with the powerbreath so let’s see if this little device can get me breathing more clearly in 4 weeks.

B x


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