Hello PMS!

Well it’s that time of the month again where my little friend by the name of PMS has decided to pay me a visit. Oh how I dread this time of the month.

For years I have been on hormonal contraception so didn’t have a period for as long as I could remember; now I am contraception free I am not only welcoming back my periods but also dealing with the monthly delights of PMS symptoms.

I have had my periods back for around 5 months now, I didn’t notice PMS for the first 3 cycles but the past 2 I have definitely noticed a change in myself. Each month a week before my period is about to grace me with it’s presence I have some pretty weird goings on, not only physically but mentally.

Nausea and weight gain are an issue. If I wasn’t already big as it is, having to get on the scales around this time of the month is a let down. Because of water retention due to my period I am heavier that means the scales show me figures I do not want to see right now; not much hope when you’re trying to lose weight. The sudden bout of food cravings does not help the situation either. For me I crave crisps during that time of the month or really greasy fatty foods. I am finding it such a struggle at the moment in general controlling what I put in my mouth food wise, the PMS just makes things ten times worse to deal with.

I have noticed an increase in headaches a few days before my period is due. I use to get this a long time ago when I had periods before going on birth control. They had stopped whilst on birth control but now I have noticed they are making a come back. The headaches tend to last a few days before my period and a few days on my period. When dealing with these headaches I find it hard to concentrate or focus on anything. I do not want to do anything either, getting out of bed is a real struggle lately; when I do get out of bed I feel so achy and hit with period cramps it makes it hard to want to do anything but stay in bed with a hot water bottle and junk food.

The biggest issue for me though from PMS is the emotional and mental side of things. Yes the physical things are not pleasant to deal with but emotionally I feel a mess. It usually starts a week before my period is due. I get this sudden bout of sadness and I don’t know why. I have no interest in doing things I like and I just feel overwhelmed and stressed constantly. I get very restless and irritable and at times I know I push people away that love me the most and that is wrong of me. It makes them feel like I do not love them or want to be around them, but I do! I guess I just do not like been smothered during this time of the month because I am already finding it hard to cope with how I am feeling as it is. It is so hard coping with this side of my PMS, I feel tired and clumsy and just an emotional wreck of a person, its hard at times to put a smile on and carry on with day to day things.

As this PMS is new to me again I have not yet figured out ways in which I can help myself during this week. Deep down in my head on just focus on my period, knowing that when it comes I am fine again and back to the loving bubbly happy me. It is just figuring out a way to survive the hellish week beforehand.

Hopefully for me I will be able to get a hold of my PMS and make changes not only for myself but for the people who have to live around me also. All I can do is apologise to those people around me for been such a handful during that time of the month and for them to know I do love them.

Any tips on how you deal with your PMS? I would love to hear them and maybe we  can all battle on through this together.

B x






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