Bush of love!

For years I endured the pain of going bare down there and for what reason? Was it to impress men? To make me feel sexy? To feel cleaner? Who knows the exact reason as to why I wanted to look pubescent; all I knew was that the razor had to be ditched.

I’ve been growing my pubic hair for a year now and I’ve never felt better. Yes I give it the occasional trim every now and again but a razor hasn’t headed south in such a long time.

So what is best, hairy or hair free? For me it has to be hairy. I never thought years ago I would see the day where having a bush was an option, now I truly feel that everyone should go down the natural path. Your pubic hair is there for a reason, it protects you from bacteria and developing infections, why interfere with something put there for purpose. 

Women have this opinion that men want them completely hair free. Most Pornography films show women clean shaven so women instantly get this sense of thinking this is what men want. This is what they have to do in order for men to find them sexy and attractive. Well I have news for you ladies; men don’t care if you have a bush. Some find it kind of sexy in a way that a woman has the confidence to be natural and choose to grow her pubic hair. 

Also the up side to not shaving is not having to deal with the horrible shaving rashes; the itchy stubble that grows back the day after shaving in which you have the agony of shaving again; the constant irritation and discomfort. It’s so comfortable having hair and in a way I feel even more sexy with it then I did without it.

B x


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