Monday morning confessions!

Oh how I hate Mondays. Knowing your alarm is going to go off at stupid o clock and then you have a whole day sat on your ass in a stuffy office.

I thought what better way to kick off Mondays and make it even more worse than it already is by doing a Monday morning confessions post. I will go over the week just gone and ponder over all the things I shouldn’t of done or could of tried at least a little bit better with. 

1. I did sweet f**k all on Saturday. I had this plan over the week that I was going to be really good and go for a long walk and get some exercise. Did that happen, no it didn’t. I think I suffered for it too. I felt aching and rough after sitting around for so long.

2. I didn’t eat great. I had a weekend of not really eating the best. My own doing of course, I didn’t really pick the best meal options when out shopping. Pizza, potatoe gratin, chocolate and even McDonald’s. Maybe because it’s that time of the month coming up who knows but I really need to start taking control of what I’m eating and having the will power to curb my cravings.

3. Indecisive mood. Over last week I increasingly had jobs and career on my mind. I still have no idea what I want to do in terms of where I want to go career wise in life. It’s really frustrating me; I kind of have ideas in my head on where I want to go in life and what I want to do. Doing it and getting there though is another matter, I just never seem to get the guts to go through with my plans. Maybe it’s an anxiety thing. Who knows.

My plans to do better this week are: move around more, even if it’s just getting up from my desk every hour and have a walk around. Eat better, be more conscious about my food choice. Finally I need to actually start doing something about my future and what I want for the future.

B x


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