Monday morning look back

Another week has passed and already another is upon us so I thought I would spend some time to reflect upon the last week and what I can do this week to make my life that little bit better.

Once again I ate like crap. I had Burger King and Chip shop and had burgers as well Friday night which isn’t good at all. No wonder my liver is such a mess at the moment, with all the fat I am putting into my body. I am slowly coming to the realisation that maybe what I eat really isn’t good for me at all. When I eat these fatty junk and unhealthy foods I do not feel good at all after them. I feel so guilty and so dirty on the inside that I really need to quit. I have no idea why my body carries on and craves this rubbish but slowly I am going off junk food. I need to start been more conscious about what I eat, I need to start eating clean and healthy nourishing food. I need to start been more open with food and try new things.

Last week I felt like I had one stream of bad luck after another, nothing felt like it was going right. I broke two of my archery arrows, snapped my longbow and just had a general clumsy week of mishaps. I need to be more focused and more careful not to make clumsy mistakes all the time. Sometimes I just don’t think properly I guess and then I mess up. I need to be more careful not to drop things or break things, be a little bit lighter handed maybe.

I lacked on the exercise front last week I feel. I know I did a clout shoot yesterday which involved a hell of a lot of walking but other than that I feel like I was very stagnant and lazy last week. I hadn’t done any squats like I got into the habit of doing so coming to do it today my knees ache so bad again. I felt drained last week and so unmotivated to do anything that I got out of routine in which I just got into. I need to get more on it this week and move around more even if it’s just doing 10 extra squats a day it’s better than nothing.

This week I also need to not let my anxiety get the better of me. Overall I am a lot better at controlling my anxiety now than I have been in the past but every so often I feel it creeping up on me and trying to take hold again. I worry about stupid little things sometimes and it really gets me down. I worry what the future will be and why can’t the future be now if that makes sense. I guess I get impatient or worry of time and want things to happen so quick because I get scared of losing them beforehand. It is so hard to explain anxiety that makes it the worst part of having it. I need to chill out more this week and not worry so much. I need to go with the flow more and enjoy life, let things smoothly run their course as they want to without me trying to rush things. Things will happen when they happen I need to stop impatiently waiting for them.

This week I am sure will be a better week. Your life is what you make it so I need to start making it a good one.

B x


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