My Vision Board 

After seeing various articles in magazines about vision boards and the positive impact in which they have on achieving goals I decided to get my own little cork board and get pinning. As you can see my board is packed full of images so I thought I would share with you guys what my board means to me and what I want to achieve in life.


1.     Run my own Campsite/Woodland retreat 

2.     Buy my own land/Live within nature 

3.     Build a hobbit style house

4.     Eat healthy/Grow my own

5.     Learn Yoga/Keep fitter

6.     Come first in an archery clout shoot 

7.     Develop more on my Pagan/Spiritual    path

8.     Be a Warrior/ Or maybe a woodland elf (dress up more)

9.     Join a Viking re-enactment group

10.   Have a woodland wedding

11.   Own a wolfdog

12.   Own a raven

13.   Learn Tantric sex

14.   Love me more

15.   Learn runes/tarot/crystals

16.   Have a baby

17.   Travel more


Life is one big journey in which we only get one chance at. Why shouldn’t we do the things we love and enjoy life whilst we can. I loved doing this vision board. It really got me thinking about life and what I want from it. I would definitely recommend vision boarding to everyone that is a little bit stuck in life and needs something to help them along with their motivation.


B x


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