Meditation journey!

So my journey in life has taken me down the road of meditation.

Meditation is something in which I have always wanted to do but never had the headspace or knowledge to be able to do it; if that makes sense. My head can be pretty chaotic most of the time, with all different ranges of thoughts and processes going through my head at one given time, so to be able to sit down relax and deeply focus has always been a big struggle.

Over the past week I decided that I was going to join a local meditation and relaxation group that has started at my local healing centre. I was dubious at first of what to expect but came out with a sense of achievement and enlightenment into something in which I can see myself really getting into.  At first I couldn’t feel anything working. I tried breathing and focusing on what the mentor was saying but just didn’t feel anything happening at all. Around 10 minutes in everything changed. I could see this path clearly in my mind but I was shocked in what I saw and heard.

Instead of a nice scenic picture and thoughts there was someone crying out for help. Over and over in my head all I heard was help me! I couldn’t see this person and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find them either, just heard them over and over crying out for me. At first this deeply worried me but having come back to the real world it made me want to search more into my mind for whom this person could be.


Why do they need my help? Who could this person be? Are they in trouble? Or is it me? Is the person in my head crying out help me because in reality it is my conscious telling me that something is wrong. Is the voice my own self-doubt and my own yearning for something.


Meditation is something in which I definitely want to stick to. By going to a meditation group it made it a hell of a lot easier to focus and actually meditate rather than having the goal of meditating in your head but never actually getting round to doing it. Also having the guidance from the mentor leading the session is a big help. Having the support from the fellow group members and a sense of belonging is the most amazing feeling.


I would love to hear your meditation stories. Has anyone else had negative or distressing signs from meditation or know why I am hearing negativity within my meditation?


B x


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