Why I quit Clubbercise!

Over the past couple of months, I have been putting on my neon sweatbands and grabbing my glow sticks in order to get fit with clubbercise! The dancing around sweating in the dark has paid off I have lost around 5lb over the last month or two; but was it all down to clubbercise and will I keep going back?

The answer to that question is no, I will not be returning to clubbercise. Even though I have been seeing a slight change in weight I feel this has been achieved more through what I have been eating lately rather than just from clubbercise once a week. Here are my top 3 reasons why clubbercise wasn’t the right choice for me:

  1. The glow sticks and the darkness. Yep you read that correctly; one of the reasons I do not want to return is because of the darkness. I am not scared of the dark or anything but having to be in a dark room with around 80 odd glow sticks repeatedly flashing in your face really did something to me that I didn’t like. After each session, I would return home with a headache and dizziness from the lights so decided is it really worth a headache each week when I could just try and find another activity that will give me results just as well.
  2. Shin splints. Lately I have been suffering from the worst shin splints imaginable; clubbercise moves I have noticed consist of a lot of jumping around and stomping. So, for someone who has shin splints it is not the ideal form of exercise. Most of the hour I would just have to stand doing the top movements, this made me feel as though I wasn’t really getting the most out of the sessions.
  3. Same thing each week. Each week it consisted of the same exercise moves to the same music. Every now and again there would be a change in music but most of the time I was paying £5 a week to do the same stuff. This to me can make things get boring really quickly; I like change and to mix it up a little bit in order to make it more fun. If there was a mix up in songs and moves, then I may have been a little more tempted to stay but I doubt there will be any time soon so it just added another reason as to why I didn’t want to go anymore.

Overall, I can see why a lot of people are obsessed with clubbercise. It is a really fun activity that definitely gets you moving around a lot more and with like-minded fun people. But for me reality is it just wasn’t for me in terms of what I want out of my exercise. Now I am thinking of ways in which I could get more active. Clubbercise was a bit too much for me to begin with so for now I am sticking to walking a lot more and maybe purchasing an exercise bike in order to get more active.

However for anyone looking for a really fun way to get fit and get their groove on but does not suffer shin splints or light sensitivity then clubbercise is definitely for you!

B x


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