I’ve lost 2lb! 

Stepping on the scales today I was under the expectation of I had either gained or maintained. Seeing the 2lb weight loss right before my eyes totally made my Monday morning.
I am not going to lie this whole weight loss journey is one big struggle. However I am happy to see that slowly but surely I am losing, I knew when I started this journey it wasn’t going to be an easy one but seeing the lbs drop off makes it all worth while. 

I am starting to feel a lot healthier as well. I feel lighter and slowly feeling like I have a lot more energy then I previously had.  I am not going to lie I still have let down days where I just binge or eat something that leaves me feeling disappointed in myself but I have learnt that it’s ok to have those days and not to beat myself up or stress over them.

In total over the past 9 weeks I have lost 7lbs. There were 2 weeks in which I maintained but every week I have either lost a lb or two. I want to carry on with the gradual weight loss I do not want to drop weight drastically and to quickly, at the end of my journey I want to be able to maintain my weight and I don’t think I will be able to do that by dropping 5lb a week in order to get slim quicker. 

My plan of action for the next couple of weeks is to definitely start eating better and cleaner. Also to carry on gradually building up the amount of fitness in which I am doing. 

It is true what they say; slow and steady surely does win the race! 

B x


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