Joining a spiritual development circle.

Tonight I am starting my journey within a spiritual development circle. For a while now I have wanted to develop more on a spiritual level and learn more about paganism and spirituality so when I saw there was a new circle starting up in my local area I jumped at the chance to join.


At the moment I am feeling a bit dubious and nervous about what to expect from the circle. Especially with what it will entail and the other people that will be joining the group will be like. Never before have I don’t anything like this so have no idea what to expect. This year is going to be the year I definitely delve more into my Pagan and spiritual side, I am a bit annoyed with myself for not doing it sooner. I feel as though it is something that has been calling me towards it for such a long time and I have been a fool for taking so long to go towards it.


My future plans are to work and live more spiritually, my dream would be to have a career mentoring others and guiding them towards paganism and meditation. Also taking a more holistic approach and gaining experience and guidance into doing something career wise holistically.


Wish me luck for tonight. If anyone has any tips on what to expect from the circle and how I can develop myself further into a holistic career that would be awesome.


I will keep you all posted with how I get on.


B x


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