Attending my first ever spiritual circle!

Last night I embarked on my first experience of a spiritual development circle. After been sceptical of what to expect I finally plucked up the courage after many years of deliberation to attend. The circle consisted of 4 of us, 5 if you include the leader. As the group only started last night everyone was new to each other and new to the experience of a spiritual circle.

The setting of the circle is an old peaceful cottage in my town centre. I am well aware of the cottage as I go there regularly for monthly sky energy massages. The cottage is the most beautiful place, with old beams and bricks on show. The whole building has such a magical feeling to it that it really puts me at ease in there.

With everyone settled in the tiny cottage reception area of cosy couches and chairs we all got to know each other a little bit;  we were then talked through of what the circle is all about and what we can expect to do within the circle. For me I yearn to gain more knowledge on Tarot and how to read cards. This is something in which other members of the circle wanted to gain knowledge and experience from also. Runes is also something in which I am drawn to, but feel at the moment I will be unable to gain the knowledge I want to on Runes from this circle.

Chakras and Auras were the focus for last night’s circle. After a brief meditation session to open our chakras we focused on feeling our own energy and learning how to control our energy. For me this is something in which I have always found relatively easy, I am super sensitive not only to my own energy but also the energy of others around me. Ever since I was a child I could feel presence around me, I was always the best at hide and seek when it came to seeking as I was drawn to peoples energy like birds to nectar. In a way this has been a negative for me over my life, because I am so drawn to other peoples energy I sometimes feed off it; their energy drains into me and this has brought me down at times as other peoples bad energy seeps into me. Last night I learnt how to shut my chakras off and close myself a little bit so I do not open myself up as much to other peoples Auras.

After attending the circle I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. Not only did it get me out the house and around like minded people for a couple of hours it also gave me focus on parts of my mind and body in which I had no clue about previously. I am excited now to develop and learn more spiritually; also to be able to pass on my knowledge  mentor and teach others in what I am learning from the circle. I am excited to start living more spiritually and applying it more within my everyday life.

B x


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