1lb to go!

1lb to lose and that’s it, I will then be finally out of the 13st range. Over the past 9 weeks I have lost 8lb, so averaging on a lb a week. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it feels just to of lost 8lb. I feel lighter and feel that my energy and strength are slowly coming back to me. Moving around is becoming a lot easier, I can even run up the stairs now whereas a few weeks ago I could barely manage walking up the stairs without pain or breathlessness.


Now I have this bug for losing weight I actually feel a lot more motivated to keep it up and stick to it. Last year when I tried to lose weight I really struggled to get the motivation and determination to actually do it. I realise now that even though I told myself I was eating right I wasn’t, I still binged on chocolate and junk food which is where my downfall lay. Over the past few months I really am starting to get my diet under control; yes I do have those days where I have a treat or go for a take away but not as much as I was doing last year. I couldn’t go a day without a few bars of chocolate and packets of crisps, the weekends also consisted of two maybe even three take away meals a week. My biggest downfall last year was fizzy drinks; they were one of those things in which I just couldn’t quit, they are so addictive! I have limited the amount of fizzy drink in which I have now, only over the weekends I tend to have a fizzy drink and not on a daily occurrence in which I got into the habit to in the past.


Movement has also been my life saver over the past few weeks. I know that sounds funny that movement is helping, as movement is a natural normal human activity but last year my exercise levels were practically nil. As I got into that habit of not moving around and exercising like I should even just walking down the street or up the stairs was a painful process. As I gained nearly 5 stone rapidly my legs never really gained any weight; so my tiny thin legs had the challenge of carrying this larger upper body around all day, it was a struggle. It felt as though my whole body had seized up and then when I did actually have to move around it hurt, it hurt a lot so it left me thinking that every time I moved it was going to be painful this then putting me in the mind set of not actually wanting to exercise at all so I could avoid this pain; it was such a vicious circle.


Over the past few weeks I have tried to move around as much as possible. I have started walking more rather than using the car and making sure I do at least 30 minutes of walking daily. It was painful at first but slowly over the past few weeks I have noticed its getting so much easier. My legs do not hurt as much and I actually feel better within myself, like I have this new lease of life and I want to be moving around more. Just been able to get in and out of the bath and walk to the shops without agony and struggle is such an amazing feeling. Slowly I am starting to introduce stretching exercising and exercises such as wall push ups and squats into my daily exercise.


Unfortunately because of my huge weight gain this has taken a toll on my health. My liver function isn’t what it should be and after an ultrasound scan it showed a large amount of fat on my liver. Due to these results I am currently awaiting a CT scan to investigate further what is going on inside there. This may be the issue into why I was struggling to lose weight. My HDL (good cholesterol) is at 0.89 at the moment where within a healthy adult it such be ideally above 1.2mmol/l; this indicates that something isn’t working as it should be within your liver when it comes to breaking down fats; maybe this is the reason into why I have been struggling so much with weight loss who knows. In a couple of weeks I will have my scan and hopefully get some more answers.


Overall I feel amazing. It is a slow process but I am feeling so good that I am finally losing; in a way I am happy that it is a lb a week because this is a healthy weight loss rather than losing it all at once. I know it is going to take time before I get that body I want back but it’s time and hard work in which I am willing to take.


B x


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