Sex obsessed after ditching birth control!

Almost 1 year ago, I made the decision to completely rid hormonal birth control from my life. The result; I am now sex obsessed!

Hormonal birth control was a part of my life for around 9 years. After suffering the worst PMS and agonising long heavy periods each month the doctor decided the best move for me was to pill pop, by pill pop I mean take the birth control pill back to back so I didn’t even have a withdraw bleed. 7 years of having to constantly remember to take them day in day out became even more tedious so was then moved up to the more grown up stuff; the Depo provera shot. Not only did this 3-monthly injection make me pile on tonnes of weight and have health concern after health concern it also zapped away my libido.  Sex was definitely off limits during this time, even the thought of a penis made me want to vomit. Now I realise how the contraceptive injection stops pregnancy, it literally puts women off sex.

After months of deliberation I finally made the decision to go natural. Pumping my body full of synthetic hormones wasn’t doing me any good, it was time to quit. The one thing in which I have noticed since coming off the injection apart from the return of my PMS and periods is my sex drive. Oh boy, never before in my life has my libido been so high. At the moment, I crave sex on a daily basis. It is like my mind is constantly in some kind of pornography mode where images pulsate through my mind like it is stuck in repeat.

I do not know whether this is a passing phase or what it is. I am not sure whether it is a good thing or not. It is like I crave such wild and wonderful things my mind cannot drop them until maybe I have fulfilled them. Masturbation is even something in which I have been doing a lot more of recently, I never explored down there myself previously, masturbation was something in which I found boring and mundane. Now it is like I love exploring myself and figuring out all the right buttons to press.

My poor better half, I do not think he knows how to take this side of me at the moment. I feel he thinks that’s all I want him for right now, but it isn’t. Growing up I always thought men wanted sex crazed women who would satisfy them multiple times daily, so now I feel confused sometimes when a man is telling you that sex is all I seem to think about.

Now I have this new lease of life for sex it is something in which I want to explore even further into with my partner. Tantric sex, outdoor sex, role play and karma sutra are all things I want to master. I am learning that to have a fiery appetite for sex is better than no appetite at all. We are all sexual beings who yearn for something deep within ourselves, it is whether or not you have the courage to seek the desires in which raid your mind.

My advice to all women out there, ditch hormonal birth control. If you are suffering from health concerns or lack of sex drive and on contraception that is your problem. Hormonal birth control doesn’t help with your problems it masks them, if not makes them worse. If you want to feel desire again sexually take my advice and quit birth control. You will thank me for it.

B x


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