2017 life plan!

I am stuck. Stuck in a dead end in which I cannot for the life of me seem to get out of. Every day I wake with this notion of change and making changes within my life in order to make me happy; it never happens. Instead I go through each day just as miserable as the one before it and not motivated enough or maybe even brave enough to go out and make the changes in which I need in order to be where I want to be within life.


There are aspects in my life in which I am so happy with; my love life for example, finally I have found someone who I adore and love more than love itself if that makes sense. He still fills me with butterflies every time I see him, yes we have our off days and we argue but who doesn’t, I wouldn’t trade him in for all the riches in the world he means that much to me.  I also have the most amazing family in which a person could ask for; my parents support me and still stick by me even though I am 26 years old they are always there for me when I need them. Growing up you always take your parents for granted and never really understand why they moan and groan at you all the time with their words of wisdom but as you get older and experience how hard life truly is you look back on those words and actually think they were right the whole time and how you wish you had listened to them and appreciated them a little bit sooner.


If I am honest ten years ago I thought life would be totally different to what it actually is now, my life plan hasn’t exactly headed in the direction in which I hoped. I had this vision of marriage and my own home by the time I was 30. Growing up I always wanted to work for myself and have a business doing something in which I loved, that hasn’t mapped out the way I would of liked. Instead of having my own business I am stuck working in a job in which I detest. Getting up each morning doing the same mundane commute to sit in the same chair in the same office doing mundane tasks for mundane people isn’t exactly my idea of an awarding career. When you have to literally drag yourself out of bed each morning with no motivation and go home at the end of each day depressed then you know there is something not quite right.


I think that my life has become so out of control over the past two years and I have become so stuck in my ways of mundane routine this has also had an effect on my overall general health. Sitting down for eight hours a day isn’t the best for your figure, you tend to binge on any food going because it is the only exciting thing of the day in which you have experienced. Yep slowly but surely alongside help from hormonal birth control 5 stone has crept its way onto my waistline. Been lazy at work also has the tendency to make you lazy after work. You become so bored and exhausted with been bored all day long the last thing you want to do when you get home is exercise. Your life turns into one never ending mundane lazy vicious circle in which you are stuck in and cannot escape.


So I have decided I need an action plan. Something to focus on throughout the rest of 2017 and what I want to achieve ready for 2018. I need that motivation to push myself further and actually get what I want out of life so here it goes, my goals for the rest of 2017 are:

1. Get a new job, yes it is not my own business just yet but I really need change from what I am doing now. I need to focus on getting something I will at least enjoy however to get me by until I get my own business within the future.

2. Lose weight, something in which I keep saying over and over but never seem to do. My target is to lose at least 2 stone by the end of this year.

3. Gain knowledge, whether this be through volunteering or just reading, I need to apply myself and get out there more to experience things in which could help me within the future.

4. Enjoy life! I know this sounds like a funny one but having fun and not worrying is a big one for me. I need to take a step back sometimes and not be so anxious and panicky when it comes to life in general. I need to start living not threating.


Life is one big challenge in which we all face. There are times in our lives where we aren’t always where we want to be but it is down to us to do something about it. Change is something in which is possible if we just go out and search for it. Change will not come to you and this is something in which I am slowly learning. Life is an endless journey of possibilities and if we seize every moment and take hold of every opportunity then life can be an amazing one. I am not going to let myself down anymore, this is my time to seize that moment and take life by the horns.


B x


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