Bucket list update. The Lion King!

After many years of waiting I finally got to tick one thing from my bucket list and went to see The Lion King at London’s Lyceum theatre.


I was not left disappointed, The Lion King is a show full of colour and song and throughout it really brought back my childhood memories of watching one of my favourite Disney films. From start to finish there has been a lot of thought put into detail, I was impressed with the masks in which the actors wear making them been able to cover their faces mechanically when they need to for more dramatic scenes. The wildebeest scene is also very impressive, it also managed to bring a tear to my eye when Mufasa falls from the cliff face.


Overall I would rate the Lion King 4 out of 5. The costumes and set are very impressive but at times I thought that it was a bit to pantomime. I love the Lion King show within the Animal Kingdom park in Florida so my expectations were kind of up there with that a bit, if I had to pick between the two I would say the show in Animal Kingdom does top the London show unfortunately, however I would definitely recommend the London show. Also the merchandise they had on offer was to die for, they had such sweet cuddly toys and items to choose from for a lasting memory to take home.


One ticked off my bucket list, forty nine to go!


B x


3 thoughts on “Bucket list update. The Lion King!

  1. mphadventuregirl April 20, 2017 / 11:48 am

    I once saw Lion King live and that was back in like fifth grade. I honestly have no recollection of seeing it live. Now I hope to see it again and see it like I am seeing it for the first time. It is coming to my hometown August of 2018 and I hope my parents will take me to see it

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    • bfreenaturally April 20, 2017 / 11:49 am

      I hope they do take you! You will enjoy it so much. The costumes are the best part of the show for sure.


      • mphadventuregirl April 20, 2017 / 11:53 am

        I heard a lot of good things about Lion King. I feel like I need more Disney musical soundtracks in my collection. My mom literally called me her expensive child. Well, if you are actually a musical fanatic, you will always be asking your parents to take you to musicals


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