Top 5 things I loved about Camden! 

Wow! That’s all I have to say to describe Camden. I had been to London previously for a variety of different reasons but I never managed to venture into Camden. It has been somewhere in which I have wanted to see for a while now so when I got the opportunity over the weekend I snapped up the chance to finally see this place that I had heard so many amazing things about.

Top 5 things I loved about Camden:

1. Atmosphere: The atmosphere within Camden is electric, the amazing variance of culture and different types of music pumping out speakers from every different direction is amazing. From Hip Hop to Gothic there is something here for everyone to experience and enjoy. The mix of social groups is so awesome to see from Hippies to Mods everyone just mingles in with each other so naturally in Camden. There is something about this place that really brings everyone together I loved the feeling you get from been in amongst all this array of difference but all feeling at one.

2. Chin Chins hot chocolate: I discovered this place through Instagram and I wasn’t disappointment. From the moment you step into Chin Chin Labs you are welcomed with warmth. It is such a friendly welcoming place to have a pit stop in between the madness of shopping. They also do the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever tasted in my life; if you come across this little café of heaven make sure you drop in and try their hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff you will not be disappointed.

3. Food: This was something in which I spent more time focused on. There was such an array of different street food vendors you are left spoilt for choice. From Chinese, Indian to churros and halloumi fries there is something here to suite every taste. As we didn’t have much time and were going out in the evening for a meal we opted for Pizza which I have to say tasted delicious and was the perfect lunch for those short for time.

4. Shopping: Never in my life have I been to a market that is so full with an array of different things to suite so many different tastes. From vintage antiques to even boutique clothing stalls there is something here for everyone. I think you would be pretty fussy to come here and not find something in which you would not like to buy. I loved the array of new age and gothic stalls in which there was here. I must admit after a while some of the stalls are very similar in what they sell but it is so exciting exploring Camden market going round each corner not knowing what you are going to find next. You could spend a fortune here if you are not careful so if you are on a budget I would suggest maybe leaving the credit card at home.

5. Amazing buildings: As soon as you exit the underground you are greeted with some of the most amazing painted buildings within London. A lot of the shops along the way to Camden market look intriguing from the colourful and unique designs in which they have on the shop fronts. Even some of the restaurants have the most amazing statues and artwork making you even more curious of what is inside. My favourite had to be a new age shop in which we passed on our way to Camden lock, the colours and design are so striking it really draws you in. I also loved the Zulu warrior stature in which overlooks Camden market belonging to a African themed restaurant, very impressive.

I would definitely recommend Camden to everyone. No matter your interests or what you are into there will be something at Camden for you. We spent a couple of hours within Camden but I felt I could easily spend a whole weekend there and still not cover everything to see. Every turn you take there seems to be something different to see or experience. I cannot wait to go back, I loved it!


B x


New Years Eve Medieval banquet at Coombe Abbey

Wow! What can I say, Coombe Abbey truly had me lost for words the second I stepped foot into the beautiful grounds of this 12th Century Monastery/16th Royal property.

As soon as I stepped out of the car I was in love with this place. As it was New year the Christmas lights were still lighting the way to this amazing property. It looked truly stunning. 

We opted to pay a little extra at the time of booking the medieval banquet to stay in a feature room and we were not disappointed. A grand four posted bed welcomed us on entry into the room. And I have to say it was one of the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. Comfy isn’t the word to describe how nice it was.

The banquet itself was an experience. I like the dressing up in costume and feeling as though you’re going back in time. The food however was a bit lacking. I opted for the vegetarian meal, unfortunately most of the meals served were covered in feta cheese which I cannot stand. The only thing I ate was the lovely sponge cake with if I can remember right a orange and mead custard, which was divine. My partner enjoyed his meals, although too thought they could of been better. I think breakfast made up for this however. You do have to wait in the morning as they can only seat so many people at a time. Definitely worth the wait, on entering the orangery style seating area you are left to a buffet style all you can eat breakfast. I have to say serving some of the most tastiest bacon and sausage I’ve ever tried. I had around 5 sausages I think, not helping my diet in anyway. 

The entertainment during the evening was definitely worth the money we paid. We had a few giggles but let me just say it is adult themed. I am sure they do more family friendly shows however. The entertainment team truly make the audience laugh and you can see that they enjoy what they do which helps. The entertainment was followed by a traditional Scottish bagpiper and fireworks which really made the evening.

Word of warning though. Be careful around the heavy furniture in the room. If you are clumsy as I am then be vigilant. I stubbed my little toe on a solid wood table and ouch did it hurt. Will teach me for not looking where I am going next time.

Overall I really enjoyed my stay at Coombe abbey yes it’s a little on the pricey side but definitely worth it. It was an experience I will never forget. 

B x